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Diabetes and Complications

On 3 December 2017, the “Diabetes and Complications” camp was conducted by Supreme Clinic under the able guidance of Dr. Vinayak and Dr.Manasi Harale. The Camp started at 8 a.m sharp. 92 patients got registered and underwent a series of tests. Diabetes affects various organs like the heart, kidney, eye, and feet among a few. The patient’s fasting blood sugar level and blood pressure were tested and they were then served a healthy breakfast. Then they underwent tests like HbA1c ( blood test for 3 monthly sugar average), urine microalbumin(for kidney), ECG (heart health), eye test (fundus examination for retinopathy), foot test( for neuropathy). Seminars for Diabetes education and diabetes eye care were conducted by Dr.Vinayak Harale( Endocrinologist) and Dr.Sujay Naik (Ophthalmologist) respectively to create awareness of various organs involved among diabetics. Patients’ positive feedback and empathy of the Supreme Clinic team towards Diabetes will help us all to beat diabetes together. Many more such endeavors are to come. Supreme Clinic- A one-stop solution for Diabetes care. “Think Diabetes, Think Supreme”

Event Details

  • Status: 03 December 2017
  • Where: Supreme Clinic
  • Time : 8 a.m

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