Supreme Clinic - Bharati Patil - Yoga Teacher

Bharati Patil - Yoga Teacher

Yoga, an ancient science which evolved several thousand years ago, in India, leads to health in the body, peace in the mind, joy in the heart and as a way of feeling closer to the divine presence. The Indian saints and sages believed that by training the physical body they could gain mastery over the mind and thereby find the inner self or soul. Thus man leaps into higher states of consciousness. It is an extremely subtle science, aimed to attain freedom from all kinds of suffering. The origin of yoga though lies in India, but its teachings are universal. The world is embracing yoga in a big way. Yoga is preventive rather than curative. Its practice prevents illness and hence should be regarded more as a health programme. Yoga is not a religious system but an art of good living and also the wisdom of life. With yoga a new life begins, even if started late. Yoga is a rebirth, that teaches us to face the rest of one’s life happily, peacefully and courageously. It is never too late in life to do yoga.